These were shots created for an episode of "Codes and Conspiracies" where the subject matter discussed possible alien sources for our origins. The script called for a depiction of Cthulhu.


As luck would have it, I know Oscar Winner Joel Harlow, who made an amazing sculpture of Cthulhu.

I photographed the model in front of a blue-screen at Joel's studio.

I also shot hand-held footage to simulate the perspective of the creature raising it's head.

I then keyed and rotoscoped the head to isolate it from the rest of the body. After multiple rounds of stabilization. I was able to isolate the head in a way that would fit on the body, but still feel alive and as if tilting up at the viewer.

The rest of the body was meticulously cut up into it's individual limbs, tail, wings and tentacles. The creature was then re-assembled in After Effects. Careful planning and layout of the creatures virtual joints allowed for reasonable, yet limited movement.